What is the Best EDC Double-stack 9mm Handgun?

More and more people are exercising their freedom to carry a handgun these days. For some, this is a trim and very concealable single-stack pistol like the Ruger LCP. For others, the limited capacity of the slim subcompact pistols is not enough assurance if things are headed south. In a bad situation, more rounds are always better, and that is where a handgun with a double-stack magazine comes into play. While possessing more bulk than a single-stack weapon, the double-stack guns will carry nearly double or more the rounds of their skinny siblings.

Since we are discussing everyday carry (EDC) pistols, most examples mentioned will be midsized to subcompact in size, with the assumption that they will be carried concealed and not openly on a duty belt. There is no shortage of quality EDC double stack 9mm handguns available these days, so let us look at a few that have made a name for themselves on the market.

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The Options

The first on the list is the one and only Glock 19. Since its introduction, this pistol has been a mainstay of concealed carriers across the US. Featuring a four-inch barrel, overall width of an inch and a quarter, and a 15-round magazine capacity, the Glock 19 is the perfect blend of firepower, accuracy, and concealability. Almost everyone makes holsters and other accessories to fit this model, so availability is a non-issue. I know several people who carry this weapon, and none of them would trade it for anything. If you mention EDC double stack 9mm to someone, this is this pistol they probably picture.

Second is the Sig-Sauer P365. This 10-round subcompact took the market by storm with its introduction in 2018 and was the best-selling handgun in the US that year and the next. Users rave about the 365’s ergonomics and durability. The sights are heavy-duty steel, so you can use them to rack the weapon one-handed if needed by pushing agianst a ledge . Like the 320, the fire-control system is modular, and can be ported from one grip frame to another as needed. Several models are available, including an optics-ready version and one with a trough-type sight for extreme close-quarters work. The 365 also has a larger, but still compact brother called the XMacro that adds a half-inch to the barrel and one inch to the grip. This version packs 17 rounds and is similar in size to the Glock 19.

Third candidate is the Taurus G2C. The G2C is a great bargain for a carry pistol. MSRP is $299, but street price (especially used) is much lower. The slide had scalloped cuts to remove weight, and the sights are adjustable. The magazine capacity is 12 rounds. I know three guys that carry a G2C as their EDC, and all of them love it. I have had the chance to check them out and nearly bought one myself.

The Hellcat by Springfield Armory takes up the number 4 slot. With a width of only one inch, the Hellcat is a slim and trim pistol. It also carries 11 rounds on board despite being a very compact pistol, similar in size to the Sig 365. The Hellcat also ships with a 13-round magazine with an extended grip. A friend of mine carries his in a Crossbreed holster and said that he finds this a very comfortable combination for long days out and about.

Smith and Wesson’s M&P 2.0 9 4-inch Compact is recommendation number five. With stellar ergonomics and a 15+1 capacity, this pistol is S&W’s answer to the Glock 19. For me, the Smith fits my hand better than the Glock. The full-size M&P 2.0 has made a good name for itself as a reliable and affordable sidearm, finding use with security firms and police departments across the US. I do not see why the compact version would be any different.

Number six, and my personal favorite, is the Springfield Armory SA-35. A full-sized yet trim pistol, the SA-35 is a brand-new production version of the venerable Browning Hi-Power pistol. The original wonder-nine, the single-action Hi-Power had a 13-round magazine. The SA-35 bumps mag capacity up to 15 rounds and can also use original Hi-Power magazines. The slide is slimmer than a 1911 and cycles smooth as silk (if you can’t tell, I’m a little biased toward the design). If you want to go retro or just like a solid pistol with traditional lines and don’t mind carrying cocked-and-locked, then the SA-35 might be your jam. Proper holsters for the Hi-Power are somewhat far-and-few between, but Crossbreed makes an inside-the-waistband model that works nicely.

Last but not least, number seven is the Ruger American Pistol Compact. Packing a whopping 17+1 rounds, the American has the highest capacity of the pistols on this list but still keeps the slide width at 1.05 inches. The American has good ergonomics, and Novak sights, and can be had with a manual safety if desired. Small, medium, and large grip modules are supplied so you can customize the pistol to fit your hand for optimum controllability.

Final thoughts

There are as many double-stack 9mm handguns out there as there are types of people. There are also a great many pistols that did not make this list simply because of space and my lack of familiarity with the weapon. The key takeaway is that you do not have to sacrifice magazine capacity to get a concealable handgun for your everyday carry weapon. Paired with a good holster, an EDC double stack 9mm handgun is one of the best options for concealed carry self-defense, and home defense.

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